Best Solutions for Mounting Your New Big Screen TV


As the technology is changing lives, even the way we set the TV’s in our homes have totally changed. There are a variety of ways that TV’s are now being installed. Although some believe that mounting a TV can be quite hectic, residents of Ohio no longer, have to worry about this as they only seek help from Cleveland TV mounting service. With this, they are assured of best solutions for mounting their new big screen TVs. The method that is used to install the TV highly depends not only on the preferences of a homeowner, but also the convenience that it offers. Some may prefer a method for the elegance that it offers while others may prefer a method for the fact that children cannot touch it.

TV setting

Where you mount the TV highly determines the comfort that you get when watching. There are some areas that a TV can be mounted and it ends up being uncomfortable especially where there is reflecting of light. It should not be mounted too high since it has to be on the same eye level with you when seated to avoid neck strain. Again, it should not be mounted on an area with high traffic to ensure that no one is interrupted while watching.

Knowing where to put the wires

When installing the TV set, it is advisable that you have a clear indication of where the power and other cables are going to be as well as how to conceal them. This is actually one of the first things that you should consider before settling on where to install the TV screen. There is an option of concealing the cables by running them inside the wall meaning this can be quite a labor-intensive task, and there is an option of using paintable cable management raceways as per Cleveland TV mounting service.

Safety precautions

There are several safety precautions that must be undertaken to ensure not only a safe mounting, but also a successful one. Knowing more about the fire and the local building codes helps a great deal during the procedure according to TV mounting in Cleveland guidelines. There are walls that have been authorized for safe in-wall installations while others are not authorized. If drilling is required, ensure that the power is completely turned off. When it comes to the lifting of the TV screen, it is advisable that you do not do this all by yourself as you might end up crashing it.

When selecting a mounting bracket

This is also very important when it comes to mounting TV screens something that those who have done TV mounting in Cleveland can attest to. TVs have manual mounting guidelines and the best brackets to use are those that are compatible with Video Electronics Standards Associations. Expectation of the flexibility of a bracket is also very important, as some are capable of swiveling. A convenient bracket can be adjusted upwards, downwards and even sideways. This is especially handy when you want a better view from any angle of the house or you just want to avoid glare. Make sure that the bracket is in a position of holding the weight and size of your TV.

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