How to Choose the Best Spot to Mount Your TV

When you’re installing a new television, it may be tempting to just put it up on a stand where it fits well in the room. However, mounting your new TV on the wall allows you to view it from anywhere in the room comfortably and conveniently, while keeping it out of reach of pets, children, or wayward guests. Before you hire a professional to mount your television or mount it yourself, however, you’ll need to consider a few important details.

As you decide where you’d like to permanently mount your new television, you’ll need to think about the following:

Be Sure to Mount the TV Near Hookups

As you decide where you’d like to install your television, you’ll first need to consider the location of your cable and electric outlets. If you decide on a television location first, without considering the placement of these outlets, you may find that you’re running cables across a room, through the ceiling, or under your rugs. These options are unappealing, and in some cases, unsafe, so it simply makes sense to be sure you have the necessary hookups in the correct area.

Avoid Mounting your Television Opposite a Window

You’ll also want to avoid mounting your television directly across the room from a window. Installing your television right across the room from a window will mean that you’re constantly fighting a glare from the window. Sometimes it may be almost unnoticeable, but the last thing you want is a sunny glare breaking in on your favorite television show or video game. Instead of risking it, it’s safer to avoid the area across from living room windows completely so that you can minimize glare.

Keep the TV at Eye Level

If you’re installing a television in your living room, you’ll also want to be sure you install it at the correct height so that it can be viewed comfortably from any seating area in the room. Typically, this is no higher than eye level, but you may need to evaluate the situation based on the layout of your living room and the furniture you own. Before you decide on a permanent place for your television, make sure it’s easily viewable from everywhere in the room that you like to sit.

Leave Extra Space for Peripherals

Even though you’re mounting your television, you’ll also want to make sure you have enough room for speakers, media players, and more. You may choose to mount these items, as well, or you may need to mount the TV over a cabinet or media storage unit. Either method will allow you the necessary storage space, without limiting your access to your television.

If mounting your television and allowing room for your additional equipment is a task that’s out of your league, you can contact a local professional for help. A friendly television installation expert will be more than happy to listen to your ideas and help you install your new television in the best possible location, so you can get back to relaxing and enjoying it.