Choosing Furniture for Your Home Theater

A home is more than just a clutter of electronic equipment. It’s the entertainment area of your home. When you’ve selected the TV you want to use for your home theater, your next focus becomes what furniture will accompany it in my living room. It can also be difficult determining what electronic accessories will fit the style of your TV. The factors that will help you determine what accessories to include with your TV is the same, no matter if your TV is black or white, or a 60-inch flat screen TV.


Consider the size of your TV and the number of components it may need to function properly. This will be most important when we continue down the list and consider the placement and design of the equipment. The equipment should be essential to the function of the TV, not convenience of the TV. Too much equipment can clutter a room and often cause power outages or bodily harm to the tenants of your home.


If you have already purchased the television then it’s not too late to consider the frame and size of it. TVs usually are ideal centerpieces for furniture and can also be mounted on the wall. Depending on the room you choose to be the entertainment venue, you will need to decide if you will sit it on a piece of furniture or mount it on the wall. Rule of thumb suggests that a TV be mounted on the wall in a small room to make the room appear spacious. A TV larger than 30 or 40 inches can look tacky or overwhelming and will wear down the wallpaper or paint over time.


This involves the cable box, DVD and CD player, or gaming console you plan on attaching. A soundboard or speakers should also be considered if the room is long or larger than a normal room in your room – surround sound is a wonderful feature! Furniture can be determined by how many slots, cubbyholes, or sections you may need to store these items with your TV. Avoid compiling too many components on one shelf on top of each other. It could lead to a potential issue with the function of the room, and possibly wear down the furniture faster than normal. Gaming consoles and DVRs should have separate slots to sit in.


You want the entertainment room to be exactly as it’s called so after choosing a range of furniture you may be interested; you will need to select a design. People usually choose dark neutral colors such as grey, black, and sometimes silver. TVs are usually black with a slight difference in shade depending on its design. You can also choose between a traditional looking TV stand versus a contemporary look. The best way to determine is to inspect the feel of the room and see how it might look. We have an array of selections you can choose from and decorate in different finishes to see if it’s the best fit for your entertainment room before purchasing. Contact us about samples.


This is the final thing you need to contemplate before the other steps often times to give you a better list of possible furniture you might want to use. IF you plan on sitting your TV on furniture, than choose a design that is fitting to the wall or corner you plan on placing the TV. If you plan on mounting your TV, select a TV stand for your components and extra accessories for efficient storage.

It’s not a difficult task to locate affordable furniture. The only hard part is locating the right company who will have what you need at your fingers. We are one of Chicago’s home theater specialist and look forward to helping you improve or perform a home installation to meet your needs.


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