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Damages Your TV Might Sustain if Not Hung Properly

Now, we’ve all been a bit confused when it comes to installing technological equipment in our homes. With so much to read in the manuals and so much terminology to understand, if you are not technologically experienced or even trained in the media installation process, it may be easier to pay a professional (or your pro video-gamer neighbor from just down the street) to install your television in your living room to avoid making a mistake on your part.


The wiring may be compromised,

If the TV is not properly installed or physically configured to the wall, it could potentially cause an issue with the wiring to stretch or bend, later causing the television connection between the electricity and the device to have connectivity issues. The wiring is just as important, if not one of the more significant processes, to the installation process. The damages that may be sustained if the wiring is not correctly connected and laid out during the installation process can make the setup instable and can even


The probable instances of minor damages to the tv that may turn into more serious issues

When you install any type of technological equipment improperly or without securing it accurately, you run the risk of having the technology malfunction or become more susceptible to bumps and nicks whenever you need to have it adjusted. Whenever media equipment needs to be reinstalled or readjusted, it falls into a repeat of movement that can harm the wiring configurations as well as make the physical device more vulnerable to manhandling issues, such as dropped parts or entire devices, scratches due to tool usage and reworking, and human error involving misplacing smaller parts or overcorrecting the issue causing more friction between resting space and device settings.


The potential loss of the entire television set


Realistically, the worst possible thing that could happen when we hang the television improperly is that the entire setup (television, wiring, holding equipment, etc.) will eventually fall and cause the complete destruction of your media setup, potentially costing more than the initial setup and use. This is the last thing anyone wants to happen to their brand new TV or media setup, especially if it is not covered under insurance or by the manufacturer warranty.

It is extremely important that the installation process is handled by an experienced, if not professional, tech specialist either enlisted from your cable or fiber optic network carrier, or by a most trusted friend who has installations and TV hang up processes under their belt more times than they can count. It may not be an extremely difficult process, but it is one that, when done improperly, could cause several unnecessary pitfalls and unwanted damages to your media center. Make sure that when purchasing your television set, you look into the warranty and any coverage that may be available for the device. Whether it is installed properly or not, it is important to look into the offered coverage for your device’s protection.

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