Different Ways Of TV Mounting And The Best 3 Ways To Do It

With the introduction of flat screens into the market, we have recently seen different ways of mounting them. Well, some of the ways are complicated and require assistant from a professional whereas other methods of mounting TV mounting are straightforward and does not require professional help.

The question is; what are the different ways of TV mounting? Well, below are some of the ways that you can do it by yourself.

1. Installing The TV Inside The Wall

Installing the TV inside a wall basket offers many benefits that include:

Ø Space: it helps you in maximizing room space and hence utilizing less furniture

Ø Security and safety: it comes with lockable safety bars that ensure your children or pets will not knock your TV over or pull it towards them.

Ø Style: it enhances your home’s beauty and style

Ø Flexibility: it is very flexible, whereby you can adjust the tilt angle or full-motion mount for the perfect viewing angle

Ø Atmosphere: it makes your TV the entertainment hub in your home.

According to latest statistics taken, it has shown that it has become a trend where many people are going for this style. With this method, all you will need is the mounting Bracket together with needed component such as plastic spacers, nuts, screws, Washers and Lag Bolts. Instructions are also important. The others are just ordinary tools like drills, spanners and more.

2. Installing The TV On Top Of The Wall

This process is much easy and does not require much. It offers the same benefits as to that of installing the TV inside the wall. The only difference is that this time you will not install it inside, but outside. This is also a trend that many people are opting today.

With this method, you will need to buy a wall mount from a reputable Plasma TV dealer. Before you start the process of installing, make sure first, that it fits perfectly. From there, you will need the usual tools for the job. That includes a spanner, a drill, screwdrivers, and others. When installing, ensure the power cable and the antenna cables have been tied together to reduce space or hanging around.

3. The ceiling Way Of Mounting

The ceiling way of mounting is a unique way of mounting your TV, but it is not that common. In most cases, you will find this way of mounting the TV in places where there is no wall to mount it or the design of the house/house décor does not provide an option for the TV.

This method offers many benefits that include safety, space, security, and flexibility. For this method to be effective, you will need to use, tilting Brackets or Ceiling Brackets. These types of Brackets are also used in mounting Projectors in homes and theatres.


Even though there are many ways to mount your TV, it is equally important to consider your home style and décor to select the best way of mounting your TV.

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