Eliminating the terrible hum from your home theater speakers


One of the most disturbing issues that those who have had home theater installation Cleveland have complained about is that hum from their appliances. Before they even call for a service man to fix it, they ask themselves a million questions on what might have caused it. Voltage differences bring about a frequency that is about 60 Hz. The right size of the connecting cables must be used as the more the thinner the cable is, the more resistance it is and this brings about frequency issues that can cause humming.

Causes of the hum

If it is your first time to own a home theater or the first time that you have experienced this, it might just bother you and you may never have any slightest idea on where the buzz or the hum could be coming from. Mainly, this issue is brought by improper grounding, ground loops, or even lack of a ground. Apart from these, faulty theater and cables can also bring about the buzz. Once the source of the hum has been positively identified, the next step is trying to resolve the issue. Before seeking assistance from a Cleveland home theater installation expert, you should try fixing the error as it could be a small issue but when it persists, that is when you should consider seeking professional help.

Dealing with a hum caused by coaxial cable

To test whether the hum is produced by a coaxial cable make sure that the home theater is turned on and no other device is turned on. This is the best way to listen to the hum and fix it. You will have to disconnect the cable that is connected to the satellite or cable receiver and the connector has to be disconnected as well. If this has worked in eliminating the hum, then this means that the coaxial cable is the cause. At this point, you can contact the home theater installation Cleveland to completely eliminate the humming and this might be done by grounding the cable.

Fixing ground hum

We all want to save money where we can and fixing a humming issue on a home theater system is not exceptional. One of the best and affordable ways to deal with a ground loop hum is by trying to fix in a different power outlet.

A new home theater

A new home theater may also have humming sound probably because the cables are not connected properly. Use the user manual provided to ensure that the sound is balanced and you might be able to eliminate the irritating sound. This way, you are able to set the speaker channel level and distance to have the optimum sound experience.


As per the home theater Cleveland OH, installation services the surface of where the home theater speakers are placed also determines if there will be a humming sound. Before asking for professional assistance, ensure that you check on this as a final resolution.

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