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How to Determine the Best Spot in Your Home for a Flat Screen

Sometimes we find a deal that can’t be refused, and we end up making a grand purchase like a brand new flat screen TV without any idea which area of the house it might belong in. Once you get over the excitement of your new purchase, there are some ways to determine the best spot in your home for it.


Help the Room in Need


If you already have multiple flat screens in the house and are simply interested in adding another, think about which room is lacking in an element of entertainment, or is need of a screen for functional purposes, such as cooking shows in the kitchen, or DIY videos in the garage. If you find that you want to be able to take a bathroom break without missing a second of the drama on TV, maybe the nearest bathroom is the best place for your next flat screen.


For the Family


If your new flat screen is going to assume the role as the largest and best quality TV in the house, install it in a room that will allow the most people to access it every day. Don’t put it in the master bedroom where only one or two people will be watching at a time; make it the center of the family room, so everyone can gather around on game days or movie nights. If there are any gamers of exercise fanatics in the house, this will also give them the chance to hook up their game consoles or play their workout DVDs and enjoy them on a good-quality HDTV.


Entertainment at Eye-level


If you’ve already chosen the perfect room for your new flat screen TV, there are some minor factors you need to consider before mounting it to the wall for good. The most comfortable view of a TV screen is at eye-level. If the screen is positioned too high or too low, you’ll end up arching your neck or narrowing your eyes, and by the end of a long movie, you’ll have an unpleasant pain in your neck or a headache. Before putting the TV up permanently, take a seat on the couch, bed or nearby chair, and imagine a straight line drawn from your eyes to the wall. The spot where this imaginary line hits the wall is where you should draw a real line to mark the TV’s new home.


Avoid Discomfort and Distractions


Many family rooms have a fireplace at the center of the main wall, and you can’t avoid mounting the TV above it. If this is the case with your home, mount your flat screen at a downwards angle, to create a more comfortable view. Also avoid placing your TV opposite a window. The sunlight from the window can cause an ugly glare on the glossy screen that will make it impossible to enjoy a movie during the day. Windows situated on either side of the TV can also be highly distracting; choose a wall that is as blank as possible, so that the beautiful flat screen becomes the center of attention.


The most important things to consider when trying to find a good spot in your home for a new flat screen are your family’s needs and your comfort. After you’ve identified the area of the house most in need of a lift in entertainment or the spot that will improve your overall viewing experience, you can mount your new flat screen and get back to your favorite show.

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