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How To Get The Best Sound in Your Home Theater

When you are setting up your home theater, you want to do everything possible to ensure the room gives you and your guests a good theater experience. One of the best ways to do that is to make sure that you have the right equipment and the right installation methods to get the best sound you can.


Speaker Placement


One of the most important things you can do when setting up your home theater is to carefully place all of your speakers in order to get the best use out of each of them. The center channel speaker should, as its name suggest, always be in the direct center of your screen, whether it’s above or below. The front left and right speakers also go where their names suggest, but ideally they will sit in an arc with the center channel speaker, so that the left and right speakers are a bit closer to you, but even with each other. The surround sound speakers may do better facing straight or angled in, so do some test runs with one person adjusting speakers while another listens to find the best angle for the sounds. Those minor adjustments can make a huge difference in the final sound quality!


Modes and Formats


You may be surprised to know all the options that are available in the receivers and disc players you are using in your home theater. Your blu-ray player may have a surround sound setting that will make a huge difference in the sound quality of movies; if it doesn’t, consider investing in a receiver that can interpret sound formats a little differently to allow you to take advantage of surround sound settings. Also check to see if your receiver or disc player have a ‘pure’ or ‘direct’ mode. This can minimize electronic interference in the sound, resulting in a cleaner, sharper sounding result. Some disc players may also have sound calibration features that you can take advantage of.


High Quality Cords and Power Conditioners


After buying the best equipment and configuring everything properly to get the best sound out of your home theater, the last thing you want to have to deal with is a power surge taking out your electronics and having to do all of this over again, all because you had plugged your system into a general purpose power strip. Instead, invest in a power conditioner; it will protect your investment, and it will also help filter out electronic interference from other household electronics that may affect the sound otherwise. You should also invest in high quality speaker wires; they may not make much difference for cheap speakers, but if you have invested in high end speakers, they will benefit greatly from better quality speaker wires. When looking for wires you should consider gauge , length, construction, and connector type. Using good speaker wires and ensuring your system is insulated from as much electronic interference as possible will have a noticeable impact on the sound you will enjoy from your system.

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