Most Common Injuries Incurred When TVs Fall


The risks related to TV falls are very real. They do not just occur in homes where people don’t take enough time to position and secure televisions in the right manner. Most of them happen due to accidents that could have been prevented. Even if you think you have secured your television in the right manner, chances are good there is still a risk present. It is essential to have the highest level of protection and security in place in every case. How can you ensure this happens? One step in the right direction is to simply know what the risks are.

What Could Happen to You?

There are many types of injuries that stem from falling TVs. The size and height of the TV can be a big factor in the seriousness of any of these common injuries. Consider a few of the biggest risks you likely face:

  • Head injuries are by far the most common injury. These occur when an individual is standing in front of the TV and it falls to the ground. Generally speaking, TVs fall because they are jostled, which means someone is often standing under them when it occurs. Head injuries can be severe even if they are minor bumps initially.
  • Bruises and muscle pain can also occur. When the TV’s weight hits a leg, arm, or other are of soft tissue, it can immediately become painful and bruised. This may not be life threatening, but it can be very painful.
  • Tipped over TVs by children are growing in terms of how often they occur. In small children, a very large and heavy TV can create a crushing situation in which several bones and vital organs are damaged from the fall.
  • Injuries to the eyes and skin can also occur due to breaking glass. Specifically problematic are the corners of these TVs which can create puncture marks in the skin.
  • TVs falling can crush even an adult’s chest, making it hard to breathe. If a person is home alone when this happens, he or she may suffer severe consequences or even death if he or she is unable to move under the weight.

In short, injuries can occur in a wide range of situations. The size and location of the TV and those in the room play a big role. There are also other factors involved, such as a fast-moving cord that swipes at the face or the falling TV stand or rack that can do just as much damage to the individual as the TV itself. Burns from electrical shocks can also occur.

It is essential to install these types of televisions in the proper manner with multiple levels of support in place. Otherwise, anyone, including that little three year old that got too close to the TV or the adult who bumps into the stand, could be at risk for pretty severe types of injuries. Avoid these with proper installation solutions.


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