Options for Installing Your Acoustic Treatment Panels During Home Theater Installation

For those of you who either own or are thinking of owning a home theater you should know the importance of acoustic treatment options for your system. When deciding to purchase acoustic panels for your home system it is crucial to first determine what it is exactly and why it may be important to you. A home theater system is an investment and therefore should have an environment capable of making the home theater’s sound clear and crisp. Distortions in your room can have either a positive or negative effect to the sound of your home theater. Acoustic panels are then needed to offer a sense of balance.

There are two types of acoustic panels: Absorbers and Diffusers. Acoustic panels are placed in the weak points of the room to avoid any negative reaction to the sound of the speakers. It’s important to start looking for the first reflection points, which is the area the sound bounces after leaving the speakers. First reflection points have the worst effect on sound in the room. Medium curve diffusers should be used in the first reflection points to make your stereo sound wider and clearer.

Since sound reflections happen on all four dimensions of the room it is crucial to place small diffusers on the back and front walls of the room. Corners also make sound bounces worse in the room so it’s important to place absorber panels in the front and back corners of the walls. These installations should already make a big impact on how sound travels in the room. Ceiling panels can also be placed above the seating area and the front reflection points to have an even better sound.

However, the speakers have to also be placed in the best areas of the room in order for the sound to travel more clearly and avoid any disturbance. Installs by Vic offer a service to review the desired location of the home theater with the customer to make sure it’s placed in a proper location. Acoustic panels will sound exponentially better when it can absorb the sound that’s being reflected off from the walls. The material of your floor can also have an impact on how sound in your room is reflected depending on the material that it is.

As mentioned before, it is crucial to balance out the floor to ceiling sound by placing panels around the top and sides of the seating area. It is important to note that the layout of the room the home theater is in can affect what type of acoustic treatment that it needs.

Again, note that in order to get the most bang for your buck it is important to invest in acoustic treatment to give you the full home theater experience. If you want to know more about the options you have for your home theater system then get in touch with Installs by Vic. They can work with you to figure out the best treatment for your room so you can have clear and crisp sound in no time!

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