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How to Create the Ultimate Experience in Your Home Theater


Many find it easy to go to a movie theater to watch the latest movie release due to the experience and the sound that is produced as well as the lighting of the room. You do not have to necessary spend money to get this exhilarating experience as long as you have had a home theater installation Cleveland. There are several ways that you can customize your room to make sure that you have created the ultimate experience with your home theater. Below are some of the steps that you can follow to experience this and you might have never have to go back to the movies again.

The sound experience

The home theater that you have purchased or you are planning to purchase should have at least in ceiling or in-wall speakers for a perfect sound experience. It’s not only about the sound here, but also the distraction that is caused by wires, as with such speakers, wires should never be a bother. To contain the sound within the room, fabric wall panels and carpet or sub-wood floor should be put in place. This also ensures that people in the other rooms are not bothered by the sound. There are many other sound absorbents that can be used.

Room lighting

Those who have enjoyed ultimate experiences with their home theater Cleveland OH can attest to that proper lighting of a room increases the level of experience that one gets with their home theaters. It all depends with the setting of the room and your preferences when it comes to lighting. You can opt for task lighting, which makes it possible to read as you watch your movies, you can also opt for recessed ceiling lights that are dim and you might consider using blackout curtains if there is natural light in the room. 

Comfortable seating

Being comfortable is the highlight of an ultimate home theater experience. You can never achieve this if the seats are not comfortable and one has to keep sitting upright to get that perfect view despite having the best sound system. You can opt for seats with cup holders for convenience when sipping your drink or a tray holder to place your popcorns while watching a movie. If you have enough resources, you can actually invest in theater style chairs or a stadium style seats with recliners.

Air condition

Climate is very important and bad weather might bring about a not so good experience. When considering Cleveland home theater installation make sure that it is placed in a room that you have control of temperature. Air condition system or climate control system is very important, as this is the best way to be in charge of the cooling and the heating system. Having comfortable temperature is one of the best ways to maximize your home theater experience. One can also opt to have coffee making facilities, a popcorn machine, and a small bar.

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Benefits of Having a Personal Home Theater

Have you always dreamed of having your own personal home theater in Cleveland, OH? Yet wondered if you really need it, or how you would benefit from it? On the other hand, maybe you want one and your spouse doesn’t. Whatever the reason may be, let this article show you the benefits and do the convincing for you.

Great for Entertaining

If you are someone who loves to have gatherings, then having a home theater installation in Cleveland, OH is prefect for you. These home theaters are equipped with a large screen that can be seen from any spot in the room. They also have speakers that can be installed throughout the entire room so you have the perfect surround sound. Top your entire space off with large comfortable seating and your house will be the perfect location for any entertainment gatherings.

Perfect for Watching the Game

Are you a sports fan? Have you always wondered what it would be like to watch your favorite team on a movie theater screen, well wonder no longer? When you have Cleveland home theater installation, you no longer have to watch it on a tiny basic TV. You will get to watch that team in your personalized home theater complete with dimmed lights, hot wings, and surround sound. Once you have settled into your chair, you won’t ever want to move again.

Wonderful for Family Time

This is where the convincing the wife comes in. A personal home theater is great for families to spend time together. All you need is a family friendly movie, a bowl of snacks, and then get the family together to watch the movie and eat. This way you are all together, enjoying family time, and you don’t even have to leave the comfort of your own home. Another plus is when the kids pass out during the movie you don’t have to load them up and take them home.

Affordable Fun

Everyone loves to watch a movie every now and then, but sometimes we can’t afford it. When you have a personal home theater, you don’t have to worry about paying for the movie, paying for something to eat and drink, paying for gas, and parking. What it comes down to is costing an arm and a leg. By having a home theater, you don’t have to worry about any of that. All you have to do is go into your home theater, turn on a movie, and enjoy.

Instant Fun

Going to the movies takes time, between previews, driving and lines, half your time out is spent waiting. Not with home theaters! It is instant you don’t have to wait to buy tickets, wait to get in theater or anything, it’s already with you. Plus when the weather gets bad you don’t have to worry about getting out on slick roads, you can enjoy a movie from the comfort and safety of your home.

Installs by Vic specializes in home entertainment. They can help with anything from basic TV mounting to complete home theaters. If you have any entertainment needs contact them today.

Why Should You Have a Professional Install Your Home Theater?

Have you always dreamed of having your own home theater? Some place you can kick your feet up and watch a movie or play your favorite video game. However, you just find yourself dreaming because you don’t know where to start or even how to go about installing it yourself. Probably, but did you know that there are companies that can assist you in this task, so you can have everything you want without needing to lift a finger. Below you will find out why you should consider having a professional install a theater for you.


Experience is one of the main reasons why a professional needs to be used. There is so much that goes into installing a home theater that it can get overwhelming easily and get messed up even easier. Installation companies like Installs by Vic, specialize in creating the home theater in Cleveland, OH of your dreams. They can do it as small or as large as you want. They have experience in all levels of home theater installation.

Dealing with Pesky Cords

One of the most annoying things about setting up a home theater or even just a basic television system is all those cords. They get tangled, you get confused on what goes to what, and they look hideous all exposed. Installs by Vic handles all of this for you. From labeling to even counseling them in the wall, you will never have to deal with them pesky wires that come along with home theaters in Cleveland, OH.

Moving to a Different Location

Nothing is worse than having your entire home theater set up only to find out that you will be moving in just a few short months. After everything, you have done to get your dream theater you have to up and move it again. No worries! Installs by Vic also offers a moving service so that you can ensure everything will be tore down and set up exactly how it is supposed to be. Install by Vic comes out to your location, removes everything including speakers and wires, packages it all safely for transport then resets it all up in your dream home. This way you won’t have to stress and you won’t have to miss your home theater longer than you have to.

Basic TV Mounting

Home theater installation does not technically have to only be for home theaters. It can also be for your basic TV. Installs by Vic will come out to your location and can help you install your television. This includes the correct wall mount, making sure it is safe to hang your TV there, and hooking up any Blue rays or DVD players you need as well. They are also able to program any remote you will need to use too. This way everyone can benefit from the services they offer.

If you need assistance with any electronic installation, contact a professional. If you are in the Cleveland area, contact Vic’s. They specialize in offering you the best service possible. In no time at all you will be sitting back enjoying your newly installed theater.

Options for Installing Your Acoustic Treatment Panels During Home Theater Installation

For those of you who either own or are thinking of owning a home theater you should know the importance of acoustic treatment options for your system. When deciding to purchase acoustic panels for your home system it is crucial to first determine what it is exactly and why it may be important to you. A home theater system is an investment and therefore should have an environment capable of making the home theater’s sound clear and crisp. Distortions in your room can have either a positive or negative effect to the sound of your home theater. Acoustic panels are then needed to offer a sense of balance.

There are two types of acoustic panels: Absorbers and Diffusers. Acoustic panels are placed in the weak points of the room to avoid any negative reaction to the sound of the speakers. It’s important to start looking for the first reflection points, which is the area the sound bounces after leaving the speakers. First reflection points have the worst effect on sound in the room. Medium curve diffusers should be used in the first reflection points to make your stereo sound wider and clearer.

Since sound reflections happen on all four dimensions of the room it is crucial to place small diffusers on the back and front walls of the room. Corners also make sound bounces worse in the room so it’s important to place absorber panels in the front and back corners of the walls. These installations should already make a big impact on how sound travels in the room. Ceiling panels can also be placed above the seating area and the front reflection points to have an even better sound.

However, the speakers have to also be placed in the best areas of the room in order for the sound to travel more clearly and avoid any disturbance. Installs by Vic offer a service to review the desired location of the home theater with the customer to make sure it’s placed in a proper location. Acoustic panels will sound exponentially better when it can absorb the sound that’s being reflected off from the walls. The material of your floor can also have an impact on how sound in your room is reflected depending on the material that it is.

As mentioned before, it is crucial to balance out the floor to ceiling sound by placing panels around the top and sides of the seating area. It is important to note that the layout of the room the home theater is in can affect what type of acoustic treatment that it needs.

Again, note that in order to get the most bang for your buck it is important to invest in acoustic treatment to give you the full home theater experience. If you want to know more about the options you have for your home theater system then get in touch with Installs by Vic. They can work with you to figure out the best treatment for your room so you can have clear and crisp sound in no time!

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What are Some of the Best Upgrades for Your Existing Home Theater?

If you’re a home theater enthusiast or just a proud owner of one, then there are options to upgrade your existing home theater system and bring it into the twenty first century. Now when deciding what your home theater is lacking it’s important to think or brainstorm ways you would like to make it better so it can be more comfortable for you. After all your opinion matters and not every option listed, is something you will need or want. So do you have some things in mind? Good, then let’s continue! There exist a variety of options to upgrade your home theater system in both sound, appeal, and performance.

First, you should decide whether your home theater may or may not be a bit outdated. It’s possible that your home theater may be lacking in performance because you purchased it a couple of years ago. If you have the funds, then it’s important to check out some of the best home theater systems of today that certain well-established brands offer like Samsung or Sony. If buying an entirely new home theater is not an option for you right now then keeps reading, most if not all possible suggestions can and will still apply to you. Wireless sound bars or subwoofers with Bluetooth technology can be more appealing visually as it eliminates messy wires. Bluetooth technology can now work with your smartphone making it easier to play music from your smartphone without having it connected to a port or a cable.

Secondly, adding an extra subwoofer to your home theater system can make a big difference in sound. If the one or two speakers in your room aren’t pleasing to the ears, then invest in an extra subwoofer. The sound will be much stronger and will help smooth out any inconsistencies in sound. Finding a good location is important when installing the extra subwoofer, which is why Installs by Vic can help find and locate where the sound will travel best in the room.

Thirdly, it is best to check and upgrade your cables. Do not always trust cables that came with your system. You do not have to get expensive cables either but it is important to note that cables can make a difference in quality of sound and performance for the home theater system. Purchase an HDMI cable for your HDTV and the sound in both your theater system and the quality of your HDTV will change dramatically.

Lastly, invest in a digital media receiver. Digital media receivers such as Apple TV, Roku, Blu-ray players, and many more can offer more services for your TV in amazing picture quality. You can have access to popular applications such as Netflix and Pandora. Blu-ray players are said to be the best option since the picture quality is said to be exponentially better than that of an Apple TV device.

Listed are just but a few of many other options and extra gear to upgrade your home theater system. Not all appeal or apply to every person but it is good to gather information and seek what you need and are missing for an ultimate at home experience. Installs by Vic are there to offer help installing and mounting home theater systems as well as making those pesky messy speaker cables disappear from sight by concealing them inside the walls.

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How To Get The Best Sound in Your Home Theater

When you are setting up your home theater, you want to do everything possible to ensure the room gives you and your guests a good theater experience. One of the best ways to do that is to make sure that you have the right equipment and the right installation methods to get the best sound you can.


Speaker Placement


One of the most important things you can do when setting up your home theater is to carefully place all of your speakers in order to get the best use out of each of them. The center channel speaker should, as its name suggest, always be in the direct center of your screen, whether it’s above or below. The front left and right speakers also go where their names suggest, but ideally they will sit in an arc with the center channel speaker, so that the left and right speakers are a bit closer to you, but even with each other. The surround sound speakers may do better facing straight or angled in, so do some test runs with one person adjusting speakers while another listens to find the best angle for the sounds. Those minor adjustments can make a huge difference in the final sound quality!


Modes and Formats


You may be surprised to know all the options that are available in the receivers and disc players you are using in your home theater. Your blu-ray player may have a surround sound setting that will make a huge difference in the sound quality of movies; if it doesn’t, consider investing in a receiver that can interpret sound formats a little differently to allow you to take advantage of surround sound settings. Also check to see if your receiver or disc player have a ‘pure’ or ‘direct’ mode. This can minimize electronic interference in the sound, resulting in a cleaner, sharper sounding result. Some disc players may also have sound calibration features that you can take advantage of.


High Quality Cords and Power Conditioners


After buying the best equipment and configuring everything properly to get the best sound out of your home theater, the last thing you want to have to deal with is a power surge taking out your electronics and having to do all of this over again, all because you had plugged your system into a general purpose power strip. Instead, invest in a power conditioner; it will protect your investment, and it will also help filter out electronic interference from other household electronics that may affect the sound otherwise. You should also invest in high quality speaker wires; they may not make much difference for cheap speakers, but if you have invested in high end speakers, they will benefit greatly from better quality speaker wires. When looking for wires you should consider gauge , length, construction, and connector type. Using good speaker wires and ensuring your system is insulated from as much electronic interference as possible will have a noticeable impact on the sound you will enjoy from your system.

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3 Tips to Get the Most Out of Your Home Theater

You’ve finally done it.  You have achieved the much-coveted home theater system, complete with a huge television, speakers galore, and a chair comfortable enough to satisfy Zeus, should he decide to come hang out at your place.  But as with many holy grails, once you have it, you’re not sure how to use it to its maximum potential.  Don’t worry, now that the internet exists, you no longer have to learn by the arduous—and potentially hazardous—process of trial and error.  Here are a few great tips on how to really get your home theater to sing for you.

Get your equipment set up right

First of all, you should consider the TV, the king of picture and displayer of images.  Your TV should be positioned in the center of the wall, both horizontally and vertically.  To achieve this, you can either set it on a low table or drawer, or you can hire a Cleveland TV mounting service.  In all honesty, hiring the Cleveland TV mounting service is the best option, as they’ll be able to help you set up the TV, and help get it connected to the surround sound and your DVD or Blu-Ray player.  Also, follow the instructions on the audio equipment, as it will allow you to get the real-feeling surround sound experience.

Put your chair in the right place

In order to reach maximum immersion in a movie or video game experience, you have to have sit in the most opportune position.  Now that you have your TV set up, and your surround sound positioned along the walls, the location of your chair becomes the most important issue.  Don’t make the mistake of placing your seat back against a wall, as the sound will bounce off the walls as it reaches your ears, thus distorting it.  You’ll want to feed some ambient noise through the speakers, then pace around the room until you find the perfect spot—which usually ends up being in the center somewhere.  This is also usually the best location for optimal TV enjoyment.  Also, if you’re planning on  playing a gaming system that still uses cords, then you’ll need to be within reach of the console as well.

Make sure your settings are just right

Many movies or TiVo systems now come with THX optimization, which will calibrate your sound to be the best possible.  If you don’t have either of those, then there are also options or tutorials online which will guide you through the process of setting up your equipment for the maximum video and audio quality.  It’s really worth the trouble.  Your favorite show, the big game, or whatever quest your character just undertook can really pop off the screen.

There you have it, a few basic tips.  It can be a bit overwhelming, true.  But experts are more than ready to help, both online and from a Cleveland TV mounting service.  But whether you’re the kind to seek out help or to figure it out for yourself, you have a great ride ahead of you.