Eliminating the terrible hum from your home theater speakers


One of the most disturbing issues that those who have had home theater installation Cleveland have complained about is that hum from their appliances. Before they even call for a service man to fix it, they ask themselves a million questions on what might have caused it. Voltage differences bring about a frequency that is about 60 Hz. The right size of the connecting cables must be used as the more the thinner the cable is, the more resistance it is and this brings about frequency issues that can cause humming.

Causes of the hum

If it is your first time to own a home theater or the first time that you have experienced this, it might just bother you and you may never have any slightest idea on where the buzz or the hum could be coming from. Mainly, this issue is brought by improper grounding, ground loops, or even lack of a ground. Apart from these, faulty theater and cables can also bring about the buzz. Once the source of the hum has been positively identified, the next step is trying to resolve the issue. Before seeking assistance from a Cleveland home theater installation expert, you should try fixing the error as it could be a small issue but when it persists, that is when you should consider seeking professional help.

Dealing with a hum caused by coaxial cable

To test whether the hum is produced by a coaxial cable make sure that the home theater is turned on and no other device is turned on. This is the best way to listen to the hum and fix it. You will have to disconnect the cable that is connected to the satellite or cable receiver and the connector has to be disconnected as well. If this has worked in eliminating the hum, then this means that the coaxial cable is the cause. At this point, you can contact the home theater installation Cleveland to completely eliminate the humming and this might be done by grounding the cable.

Fixing ground hum

We all want to save money where we can and fixing a humming issue on a home theater system is not exceptional. One of the best and affordable ways to deal with a ground loop hum is by trying to fix in a different power outlet.

A new home theater

A new home theater may also have humming sound probably because the cables are not connected properly. Use the user manual provided to ensure that the sound is balanced and you might be able to eliminate the irritating sound. This way, you are able to set the speaker channel level and distance to have the optimum sound experience.


As per the home theater Cleveland OH, installation services the surface of where the home theater speakers are placed also determines if there will be a humming sound. Before asking for professional assistance, ensure that you check on this as a final resolution.

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Damages Your TV Might Sustain if Not Hung Properly

Now, we’ve all been a bit confused when it comes to installing technological equipment in our homes. With so much to read in the manuals and so much terminology to understand, if you are not technologically experienced or even trained in the media installation process, it may be easier to pay a professional (or your pro video-gamer neighbor from just down the street) to install your television in your living room to avoid making a mistake on your part.


The wiring may be compromised,

If the TV is not properly installed or physically configured to the wall, it could potentially cause an issue with the wiring to stretch or bend, later causing the television connection between the electricity and the device to have connectivity issues. The wiring is just as important, if not one of the more significant processes, to the installation process. The damages that may be sustained if the wiring is not correctly connected and laid out during the installation process can make the setup instable and can even


The probable instances of minor damages to the tv that may turn into more serious issues

When you install any type of technological equipment improperly or without securing it accurately, you run the risk of having the technology malfunction or become more susceptible to bumps and nicks whenever you need to have it adjusted. Whenever media equipment needs to be reinstalled or readjusted, it falls into a repeat of movement that can harm the wiring configurations as well as make the physical device more vulnerable to manhandling issues, such as dropped parts or entire devices, scratches due to tool usage and reworking, and human error involving misplacing smaller parts or overcorrecting the issue causing more friction between resting space and device settings.


The potential loss of the entire television set


Realistically, the worst possible thing that could happen when we hang the television improperly is that the entire setup (television, wiring, holding equipment, etc.) will eventually fall and cause the complete destruction of your media setup, potentially costing more than the initial setup and use. This is the last thing anyone wants to happen to their brand new TV or media setup, especially if it is not covered under insurance or by the manufacturer warranty.

It is extremely important that the installation process is handled by an experienced, if not professional, tech specialist either enlisted from your cable or fiber optic network carrier, or by a most trusted friend who has installations and TV hang up processes under their belt more times than they can count. It may not be an extremely difficult process, but it is one that, when done improperly, could cause several unnecessary pitfalls and unwanted damages to your media center. Make sure that when purchasing your television set, you look into the warranty and any coverage that may be available for the device. Whether it is installed properly or not, it is important to look into the offered coverage for your device’s protection.

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How High Up Should We Place the TV?

 “Is this centered now, sweetie?”


If that sounds at all familiar, then you know how frustrating it can be to figure out where and how high you should install and position your television to best fit your living room (or bedroom) lounging needs. It is important to take into account a few things that would affect the positioning of your TV as well as the enjoyment and usability of the other features that may be included with your media center setup. Here are a few ways to figure out how high you should place your TV and find out which placement suits you and your loved ones best to enjoy all the entertainment your TV and media center have to offer.


The size of the TV affects the positioning and height of TV setting


When positioning your TV, it is important to understand the size and coverage the TV will cover once placed. For example, if you have a 60” inch screen TV and a connected media center, you would not set up the TV in the same place and height as a 20” inch TV. The size will also help you to adjust it best for you and your family’s eye level when sitting and standing (for those TV events that you just can’t stay in your seat).


The dimensions of your chosen room can dictate



The dimensions of a room affect a TV similar to the way any furniture piece would affect the layout and openness of the room. The dimensions of the room may dictate for the TV to be set at the center of the wall or may need to be more an angle. After deciding on that preference, you can then move forward to the dimensions of the room itself. In rooms where the floor is sunken lower than the initial foyer or  entrance of the living space, you would need to consider where the most comfortable eye level falls for the optimal viewing experience. For instance, the placement of the TV in this setting should be no lower than the floor level of the entrance, yet not too much higher than the top of the entrance frame when entering the room. This creates less tension and more focus on the room and pulls the entire media center together to ensure maximum comfort for the viewers and the best placement, both height and centeredness of the TV.



The planned usage of the room may


Now, this may seem pretty self-explanatory, but in actuality, the usage of the TV may increase due to family gatherings, sporting events, and dinner parties, thus warranting a look into how your guests will be seated when viewing the TV. If the TV is in a family gaming room, the TV may be better suited (also depending on the size of the TV) at a higher angle, thus creating a streamlined look that pulls the room together and seamlessly suggests for the occupants to be active in that room instead of merely lounging in the seating area. If the room is more for comfort and a potential guest staying area, like those times when you have family visiting and some of them have to sleep on the pullout couch, the TV would be better suited to eye level when sitting so that your guests can be more relaxed when being entertained in the room.


    The height of the TV placement is based on your preferences just as much as the actual dimensions of the equipment and its initial setup. If you find that your home furniture is more fitting to a lower setting placement, the setup process can be relatively easy to handle as a simple home media center can carry the TV at optimal viewing level for you and your family and guests. The main challenge comes from finding ways to accommodate the placement when the dimensions may not be as direct as that or you find your viewing habits shift throughout your time and usage of the living space you are setting up. In cases like that, it is recommended to inquire with a TV specialist or an experienced installation team to better equip you to watch your TV at its best viewing and height.


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Three Things to Consider When Researching Flat Screen TVs


Gone are the days of the clunky “tube” televisions with their long antennae and spotty reception. Everyone has a flat screen TV, and with good reason. Between their optimal sizes, high quality and long life, who wouldn’t want one for their home or business? As you search for the perfect flat screen TV to fit your entertainment needs, here are a few things to keep in mind:

  1. How Smart is too Smart?

Take inventory of all of the applications and internet services you use on a regular basis and would like to have access to on your TV. Flat screen TVs boast all sorts of “smart” features that allow you to do everything from browsing YouTube to making purchases on, and sometimes, they offer options that you have never even heard of, so will never use. Thoroughly research all of the smart features associated with the flat screen you have in mind, to be sure that you won’t

overpay for or be overwhelmed by your new TV’s hidden brain.

  1. Sizing it Up

Measure the empty space you have allocated for a new flat screen, or the dimensions of your current TV, before you start looking at huge flat screens being offered for a great deal. Just because you want the most display area for your money doesn’t mean a giant screen is appropriate for your home entertainment area. The goal in mind should be to find the largest screen possible, but also avoid overwhelming the room and everyone seated. Sometimes too large a screen can cause the individual pixels of color to become obvious, which is highly distracting and defeats the purpose of owning a good quality flat screen TV.

  1. Backlight Technology and Resolution

There are three main categories of backlight technology that make up the amazing picture quality of today’s flat screen TVs. Each of them is suitable for a different type of home theater, depending on how much natural light and additional lighting is in the room.

  • LED: This is the most popular “liquid crystal display” of flat screen TVs. These TVs are lightweight and thin, more energy efficient, and can also produce very bright pictures. This is perfect for a room that receives a lot of sunlight during the day.
  • Plasma: These TVs provide the best contrast on the market, which means the dark pictures are the right amount of dark and the bright pictures are the right amount of bright. However, they’re not as wide available as LED flat screens.
  • OLED: These TVs boast “organic light-emitting diodes”, which is a new innovation in the flat screen business. Whereas the other forms of light portray black by delivering simply dark shades of other colors, OLED TVs reproduce true black. This means the final contrast and image quality is unparalleled. Additionally, these flat screens can be very thin, lightweight and energy efficient.

These are just a few things to keep in mind when searching for the perfect flat screen TV for your home or business. But they are the most obvious criteria to examine, especially when you have specific budget or your family has specific needs that you want to meet while also keeping up with the latest trends in the home theater



What to Do After You Buy a New TV in Cleveland


You just brought home a brand new TV, it’s out of the box, and you’re itching to start watching your favorite shows and movies with your family and friends. But between the mess of jumbled wires, the rows of buttons and the complicated instruction manual, you don’t know where to begin. That’s when you call Installs by Vic to get the job done, quickly and affordably.

Not only do we perform basic TV mounts, but we offer an array of TV and home theater services to make your home or business’s entertainment area stand out from the rest. Here’s how quick and easy it is to get your new TV up and running with Installs by Vic:


Give us a call, or fill out a form online, and we’ll come to your home to provide you with a free estimate. After we’ve reviewed the desired location of your installation, we’ll schedule a date to make the magic happen. We customize every installation to each client’s specific needs, from making sure that all those wires and cables are neatly run, to configuring the remote control to operate all of the TV’s connected components, such as the DVD player, cable, box, radio, speakers, and more.


Even though we’ll take care of the entire setup, you might not sure how to record a show, connect a game console to the TV, or perform many other common tasks on your brand new TV. To ensure that you get the most out of your TV and home theater long after Installs by Vic gets the job done, we’ll conclude our installation by giving you a basic tutorial on all of your equipment’s operations.


Say you haven’t purchased a brand new TV or entertainment system, but are in the process of re-doing your home theater, or even moving to a new home, and need help transporting things and reconnecting all of your devices. Installs by Vic also offers affordable and efficient moving services for your TV and related components. We’ll not only disconnect everything and package them for a safe moving process, but we’ll also work closely with your moving company to coordinate their shipment and installation. Just as we do with brand new devices, we’ll remount your TV and connect your speakers, cable box, DVD player, radio and other components. You’ll be flipping channels and recording your favorite shows again in no time.


Finding a great deal on a new TV and entertainment system is the easy part of making your home theater everything you envision. So leave the hard part up to us, Installs by Vic. As soon as you bring home that brand new TV, give us a call and we’ll be sure to give you the customized installation experience that every TV-lover and their friends and family deserves.