Things To Pay Attention To When Mounting Home Theatre – The True Tips

A home theatre gives you the opportunity to enjoy your favorite shows at a high-quality image and sound. It feels like you are close to the action. However, according to our research, it showed that many people do not know how to mount a home theatre for a maximum output. For this reason, it is paramount to read this post before mounting your home theatre.

Probably you have already bought your home theatre equipment that includes; chairs, screen, audio devices and others, and you are looking for tips on how to mount them. Well, below are some of the important things to pay attention to when mounting home theatre.

Tip 1: Check The Space You Have

The first thing to look at is the space you have. Please do not look at the space and start mounting your home theatre, NO! Take the time and measure the space. Take measurements of the width, Length, Height and even diagonal measurements.

After that, calculate the measurements where the TV will be and where you will be sited. Moreover, check the distance of the speakers, lights and other essential features. Taking measurements of all this will be helpful. Compare the measurements of your TV size and type of Video it offers (e.g. 720p, 1080p etc.) these specs will give you an idea where you will sit.

Tip 2: Pay Attention To Sound And Lighting

The light and sound complement the feel of a theater. Starting with the sound, ensure you receive a good quality sound that is well balanced, with proper effects. Your theatre space will determine the number of speakers you will have. I.e. the bigger the space, the more speakers you will need.

Lighting is another area to look at. Remember, you do not want your home theatre room to be dark; you have to find a perfect light that will complement everything. Remember, the light should not be bright in such as way you cannot watch anything on screen and at the same time, the room should not be dark in such a way you cannot see your popcorn.

Tip 3: Using The Walls

In some case or instance, you will be forced to use the walls to mount something or one of your equipment (it may be your TV). Therefore, if this is the case, do not be afraid. In case you are renting out a place, and you do not want to great holes in the wall, today there are many alternatives to that (Example being glue). You may opt to use boards to build something interesting to hold the TV and your speakers. While doing this, ensure everything has been placed right including the central sound system.


There is no doubt that you will get many different tips online that even includes your choice of color; however, the following are the main and true areas to look at. They will not only ensure you enjoy watching your favorite movies, shows and even with your family, but you will receive excellent clarity from the sound and image as well.

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