Three Mistakes You Might Make Mounting Your Own TV

If you plan on mounting your own television in your home, you may quickly find that the task is much harder than you thought it to be. There are a few different things that can go wrong when you lift that heavy TV up on to the wall. You always want to avoid any type of mishap if you can and avoid placing your TV in a spot where it can easily be knocked off.

The following three things are big mistakes that people tend to forget about when they are mounting their television on their wall.

Buying the Wrong Bracket

It cannot be stressed enough that the mounting bracket you purchase must be the right bracket for your TV and wall. Often, people will assume that a regular mounting bracket can hold any type of TV. This is incorrect. TVs must be placed on a bracket that is designed to hold the televisions weight and size.

You should also consider the size of your TV and whether you want the bracket to swivel, turn, move, or stretch out. If you buy a standard bracket and then find that the TV faces one way and you try to move it, it may fall off if not placed on correctly. If you want the flexibility to be able to move the TV once it is mounted, get a swivel bracket.

Not Correctly Attaching the Television

Another mistake you must avoid is attaching your television incorrectly. If you do not bolt the mount in correctly or you do not place the TV on the mount correctly, you will run into problems and your TV may fall right off the mount.

It is important to either hire a professional to mount the TV for you or follow the directions that come with the TV mount.

Avoid Placing Pressure on the Screen

Although your TV is large and heavy, the screen of the TV is not. This means that any pressure placed on the screen can damage it or crack it. It would be a shame to put all that effort into lifting the TV and getting it mounted to turn it on and notice that the screen is not working correctly.

When lifting the TV to place on the mount, it is important that you make sure you are holding it by the sides and the base. You want to evenly place pressure on both sides to avoid too much pressure in one place.

When mounting your TV on the wall, you need to take extra precautions to avoid accidentally damaging the TV or hurting yourself in the process. You should always make sure the television is properly mounted otherwise you risk it falling off of the mount and injuring one of your family members.

If you need help mounting your television or you do not want to try it on your own, hire a professional who specializes in mounting.

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