TV Wall Mounting Height – A Short Guide

The advance in technology has brought us many interesting things and one of them is thin TVs. Thin TVs like LCD, LED and Plasma TVs now require less space and they can be easily mounted on a wall. When it comes to TV wall mounting people very often ask themselves what is the right height to set the TV when it is mounted on a wall.

It is good to point out that there are basically two ways of TV wall mounting – a more artistic one and functional. Which one you should choose depends primarily on the position in which you usually watch TV – sitting or lying.

The artistic approach is named because it views the TV with a painting on the wall. With this approach the TV is treated like an artwork. This means that the TV must be mounted in a specific way – the way that makes your eyes look in the center of the screen when you stand in front of it (in the same way when you are looking at a picture). Depending on the size of TV, this usually means that the bottom edge of the TV should be placed approximately 4.5 feet from the floor or more depending on the users who live in that space.

This type of TV wall mounting is customary for lounges where more people reside and where the TV isn’t the central place of entertainment. In these homes the TV is more like an accessory in the space that can bring certain information. In addition, this is also the method that is usually used in bedrooms where people lay in front of the TV, so it is quite normal that the look is naturally going obliquely toward the ceiling and not parallel to the floor level. It is a good idea to skew forward the TV a little bit in order to make the screen perpendicular to your line of viewing and in order to get a better picture.

The functional way of TV wall mounting is based on the assumption that the TV is the main point of entertainment in the living room. Traditionally, in the past, TVs in the living room were usually kept on some chests, drawers or shelves specially designed for TVs. Today, TVs are mounted on the wall because the both look better and they take up significantly less space. Chests used for TVs are usually designed in a way that the center of the screen is at the level of the eyes when you sit on the sofa and your view is parallel with the floor. This means that if the TV is larger, its bottom edge will be located lower or closer to the floor. This makes a little bit difficult to find the exact recommended distance between the floor and the bottom edge of the TV because it mostly depends on the size of the TV and on the type of sofa you have.

In case you want to avoid all the hassles and make sure that you have a properly mounted TV on your wall, you should use a professional service.

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