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What Are the Hottest Features in New Flat Screens?

The very first flat screen TVs prototype was released in 1964, which means decades’ worth of improvements have been made since. Reducing the screen’s weight and improving picture and sound quality were just the beginning. There are some contemporary new features on today’s flat screens that really set them apart from TVs of the past.

Goodbye, Wires!

When flat screens first entered the market, they came with a mess of tangled red, yellow and white cables that would dangle unpleasantly from the bottom or sides of the screen. Even if you have a gorgeous, glossy screen mounted on the wall, it would have an overall messy look because of the cable and wires. But there is a new generation of “cable-free” wall mounts that reduces the clutter. In-arm cable channels are now wide-available to safely conceal cables behind, under or alongside your flat screen to create a polished look in your home theater.

Slimming Down

An extra thin appearance is all the rage in flat screen panels, playing off the minimalist artistic movement that became popular in the late 2000s. A super slim TV allows it to be mounted closer to the wall than ever before, which improves your viewing experience and makes for a smoother, more polished look in your home theater. These pretty and thin TVs are available in LCD, plasma and LED.

Lighter is Better

The original flat screens had heavy steel mounts that were both unsightly and difficult to move. This made TV installations near impossible for home owners, and also a long process for professionals. But lately, flat screens are being constructed out of extruded aluminum, instead of heavy steel, decreasing the TV’s weight significantly. Also in line with the “Green” movement sweeping the globe, aluminum is a more eco-friendly material and is easier to recycle.

Get Smart

Because we make such frequent use all of the applications and programs on our smartphones and computers, it only makes sense that we would want to be able to control them from yet another screen – with a smart TV. These flat screens can be connected to the Internet in an instant, allowing access to media streaming services lie Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, Spotify, and many more. Even though they cost a little bit more than your average flat screen, prices are steadily lowering as the popularity of these smart TVs increases, and companies are now automatically equipping many of their flat screens with smart features.

When looking for a flat screen TV, it’s important to not only consider the features that you want out of your new device, but also the latest trends influencing the market. Flat screen are already a popular technological trend that has found its way into most homes, so it’s well worth it to take that extra step to make sure your flat screen is up to date with the latest features.


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